I have the vtfs for CoD WAW models! How do I put it on a ragdoll?

Well, the title says it all. I have found how to extract the IWI files from cod world at war and converted them to vtf. So, now I have textures for some world at war ragdolls! I will be doing russian, german, american and japanese ragdolls to start with, then eventually gore models. However, I have NO clue how to model a ragdoll (or any model actually :3). If someone could post a thread on how to make a ragdoll, it would be much appreciated. Also, even better, if someone has some models they can give permission to me to make a skin for…
So, if you want WaW models, then hurry up and send me some links or ragdolls!

I don’t want shitty WaW models.

Suprised, brb?

If you want to rig a ragdoll, you can find mariokart64n tuts here.

These should teach you the basics

It’s not perfect, but should help. Things to not do his way - physics models, and fingerposing.
In the first case it’s better to make the phys mesh yourself from scratch in the second case, it’s best to use bones named after the valve finger and hand bones.

He’s doing that way in his video, I think.