I have three stupidly stupid questions

I have three incredibly stupid questions, that have left me stumped;

  1. In my gamemode, it won’t let me set the player model. It just doesn’t load. No errors. Nothing. What’s wrong?

  2. How do i put information on my team_menu, so it would like the menu when selecting map/gamemode in GMod. Something like this; http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/7972/menuthing.jpg

  3. I’m want my gamemode to be third person. I found a simple code that allows this, but my player doesn’t have a head. Is there a way around this?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I forgot to ask (this ones kind of a biggy) just how would i go about making a HUD, that had five images (1 - guy standing normally, 5 - guy leaning on side on screen bleeding) that changed depending on your health eg. 100hp - 80hp: standing normally, 80hp - 60hp: crouching slightly, 60hp - 40hp: bleeding, catching breath etc.

Again, help would be much appreciated.

to change the model of the player you have to call the model each time he spawns
you should have it set up on playerspawn and not on playerloadout
“function GM:PlayerSpawn( ply )
if ply:Team() == 1 then
ply:SetModel( “model here” )
elseif ply:Team() == 2 then
ply:SetModel( “second model here” )
hope this solves your first problem.

I’m an idiot. Thankyou so much :slight_smile:

Edit: One more thing; where it says “if ply:Team() == 1 then” do you have to write the name of team in the brackets? or parenthesus or something, whatever you wanna call them.

when you set up a team using :
team.SetUp( 1, “team red”, Color( 255, 50, 50, 255 ) )
you assign the team’s number to 1 so when it checks all you need to have is
if ply:Team() == 1 its really checking if ply:Team() == team red i guess you could say

You can also do

team.SetUp(TEAM_RED, “Team Red”, Color(255, 0, 0, 255))

and then you would check the team by

if Pl:Team() == TEAM_RED then

meka/sniper: For future reference, use lua tags. [ lua] [/lua] (without the space)

OK, i’ve done that. It works (thankyou guys :D), BUT the player model doesn’t have any animations, it’s gone all war of the servers mingebag like, and you don’t s[awn with any weapons. Help…

Add weapons to the players spawn function, this might also fix the problems with the animations.
ply:Give( “weapon_crowbar” )
ply:Give( “weapon_pistol” )
ply:Give( “weapon_smg1” )

Thanks i didn’t know the command for that.

I’ve done all that, it was working fine, equiping them with a pistol, fists, talk SWEP, some random WW2 rifle and a molotov, but after i put that it, it’s stopped working.

What is the current code you are using for spawning the giving the player a loadout?

What do you mean the code?


function GM:PlayerLoadout( ply )

 if ply:Team() == 1 then 

     ply:Give( "talk" )                                   //talk swep
     ply:Give( "hl2_combo_fists" )                 //AWESOME fist swep
     ply:Give( "berettaReal" )                        //beretta swep
     ply:Give( "rg_ZKar98k" )                       //WW2 rifle from DoD
     ply:Give( "molotovReal" )                      //molotov swep

 elseif ply:Team() == 2 then 

     ply:Give( "berettaReal" )                        //beretta swep
     ply:Give( "talk" )                                   //talk swep
     ply:Give( "weapon_stunstick" )               //give stunstick
     ply:Give( "AR2" )                                  //give AR2
     ply:Give( "weapon_dynamic_resupply" ) //give grenade

 elseif ply:Team() == 3 then

     ply:Give( "berettaReal" )
     ply:Give( "Healthkit" )
     ply:Give( "item_battery", 5 )

 elseif ply:Team() == 4 then

     ply:Give( "berettaReal" )
     ply:Give( "Healthkit" ) 
     ply:Give( "item_battery", 5 )

 end //Here we end the if condition 

end //Here we end the Loadout function

Hmm are you sure those are the right paths for the weapons because i know the path for an ar2 is :
" weapon_ar2 " double check that you are using the right paths for the items.
If that’s not the problem try putting the ply:Give’s into your PlayerSpawn function.

I’ve got it working again (yay :D) the AR2 is a SWEP; it has an iron sight.