I have tried EVERYTHING. I cannot run an internet gmod server!

Okay, I have been struggling for a very long time to create a gmod server in which players who aren’t on my LAN can play on.

My server doesn’t show up on the list, and when I invite friends, it tells them that the server is not responding.

sv_lan 0


So this tells me that I need to forward my ports.

I bought a port forwarding program called PFConfig.
It says that the ports 27015, 27020, and 1200 are all forwarded on TCP and UDP Protocols. I have a Linksys WRT54GS Router. I also have a ProLine DSL Modem, which also says that the ports are forwarding correctly. So I type in the server console, sv_lan 0. Then I type heartbeat. Nothing. What am I doing wrong?

you bought a program to open your ports… lmfao

Are you inviting friends through your local IP?

Yeah, and I expected it to do it correctly, because it wasn’t working before whatever I was doing.


Nope. The server still isn’t on the list though.

That’s the IP I gave, I know it’s mine.

DSL? …ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Dangerously Slow & Laggy :3: