I have wiremod, but i cant build anything right.

I got wiremod, and i wanted to build things, so i started looking up tutorials, and followed them all step by step. Each time though, mine wouldn’t work. Thusters went crazy, turrets wouldnt move or shoot, you name it. i followed them all exactly as they described them, at least 20 videos, and i never got something to work right once.

Why is it that when i do the exact same thing as they do, my stuff never works?

Try building something small first like a turret that shoots when you press a button. If that don’t works try getting the svn version, i don’t know

I was able to build a turret that shoots when you pass through the beam, so i suppose i got that to work. I tried to make something look at me, and instead it spun like crazy. I tried a moving turret (in the x axis) and it did nothing, then spun around wildly. I made a turret that moves on both axes, and it worked, except it never hit what it aimed at, and it was a little wobbly. I tried to make something that follows you, and it went nuts again, like everything else.

You probably fucked up the force of the turret or the friction of the axis.

i thought about that. However i followed the exact instructions in the tutorials on force and friction. maybe ill play around with that stuff in a bit.

Well you can aways play around wyth physical properties and weight…
A bit OT:
I was wondering if there is any way so that the adv. pod controler can send out commands other than 1.Since I would LOVE to be able to put wheels in reverse while using the adv. pod controler and not having to use trusters,but I can think of a way!The thing I need it for is for the Realistic suspension APC/tank Im building.

Have you downloaded you wiremod from www.garrysmod.org? If so. use the SVN
If you got it from the SVN you should update anyways. I had that once. only update worked

well, i didnt get it from garrysmod.org. But i dont think i have svn. If i get svn, do i just have to delete the wire folder from addons first?

Edit: wait, i think i do have svn. There’s a folder in wire that says svn. does that mean i have that?

Learn to do basics. Then goto chips. If your a showman I suggest you learn Expression 2 later down on the line.