I have wto major problems with my player model textures

Hello, I’ve been trying to make a Player model for certain character from Xenoblade but I’m running into problems with the textures, can you guys help me out? it’s such a mess… has anyone ran into this kind of problem, this is my first time making a playermodel but something keeps stopping me everytime


1) first problem (SOLVED)

thanks a lot BELINK and CYNARAOS

his hair texture looks like a bunch of squares I don’t know how to make it so that all that is black in the textures becomes invisible so I can only see his hair
kind of like this :


but all I get in game is this :


2) second problem

these textures are all in the wrong places :frowning:

conclusion of what I need to do:

Can anybody help me? please tell me which programs I need and what should I do in order to fix this please

Links that may help you help me

problem 1

Hair texture

problem 2

Links to the 2 textures (shoulder and wrist?)

thanks a lot
I know this may be too much for a single person but if you can help me with at least 1 of these problems I’d be FOREVER grateful I would even give you credit for my shitty playermodel

do you use variable “$translucent” in the hair texture’s material?

like this?

if so, just tried and it didn’t work

Thanks for trying to help :smiley:

Your hair texture is missing an alpha channel (to mark what parts are hair and which should be invisible). I added an alpha channel, so try using this texture with $translucent 1: https://www.mediafire.com/?p2ehr5zlxbp3e0k

WHAT A HERO! THANKS A LOT! I LOVE YOU! hahahaha I’m so happy right now! thank you very much for taking part of your time to fix this

how did you do it? was it simple? did you need photoshop?

It’s a pretty simple fix if you have Photoshop (or GIMP), just have to create a new Alpha channel along with the RGB channels and in it, mark the parts of the texture you want shown as white, and the invisible parts as black. You also have to save it in a VTF format capable of storing alpha information (RGBA8888 does the trick). It’s not so tricky after you’ve done it once or twice :slight_smile:

Belink I have a problem with hair textures if the step you can solve it? I have to make sure that there is no more white!

maybe I can help you unless you’re doing something waaay more complicated :smiley:

then I’ll let my model, find the texture folder material. the white part must be transparent http://www.mediafire.com/download/nvdj2bdlpjucjbu/titus.rar