I haven't played GMod in two+ years, suggest addons for me

As stated in the title I haven’t played GMod (or any other game for that matter in over two years, I recently built a fine system and that changes things)

I enjoyed building very much. I would seek myself although I can’t seem to find much in releases nor GMod.org (probably because I am unaware of what I am looking for)

Addons I currently have SVN’d:

  • LS3
  • LS3E
  • LS3C
  • PHX3
  • RD3
  • SB3
  • Wiremod

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Durgz Mod an Nuke Pack 4 and yeah

Smartsnap, multiweld, multinocolide.

Garry’s Bombs 3 is a lot more interesting than the nukes in my opinion.

• Chainsaw Gun
• HL2 Beta Weapons
• Jihad bomb
• Vehicle Upgrade

Multi parent
Fin Tool
Measuring Stick
Info Tool

Connas tools(if the updates haven’t broken it), Buoyancy Tool, Unbreakable, weight tool.


Also sound emitter list V4 for wire.

  1. Stacker
  2. PHX (SVN)
  3. Wiremod (SVN)
  4. Whight Tool
  5. Buoyancy Tool
  6. Unbreakbable
  7. Fading Door
  8. Door Tool
  9. Money detector
  10. Space Build Modal Pack (SVN)
  11. Car Pack
  12. Smart Snap
  13. Maps, Backrounds, Phys Gun, Weapones, ETC…

Thats All I Go Dude.


Thanks a lot :smile:


Huuuur, we get spammed with these addon list threads with various titles, someone just make a god damn sticky already…

How about you PM that to one of the moderators of this section :downs:

They won’t do a thing about it, trust me, been there done that.

heh, not much has changed. A few new gamemodes but most of them are old or dead.

When you go to gmod.org, be sure to check out Sakarias, Capsadmin, and Zoey’s profiles.

Where can i find Life Support 2 addons, how do they work, what do i do with them… etc.

Any “Main thread”?

PAC is the only addon that I can think of that’s not in your list.
Oh, and maybe Weapon Seats.
for maps, I recommend Flatgrass_08, Bigcity, and Atomic.

For Sweps and Sents, I recommend the ZF-1 gun, the propeller engine, and the ninja rope.

However, sometimes the best Gmod is all vanilla with a few good friends.


Friendly bump.

So where can i find Life Support 2 addons? I know what you can do with it… Does it have a thread to all LS2 addons?