I haven't seen anyone else complaining... (Is it just me?)

So I just got rust like 2 - 3 weeks ago. I’ve been playing it and I gotta say for an alpha it’s pretty fantastic.

Playing as a loner was annoying and I got raided a-lot and lost everything. The bases I made though were pretty simple so it’s expected. I went ahead and found myself a group and started to play with them on a daily basis.

One thing I’ve discovered about this game though is that the raiding is flawed and unbalanced. IMPORTANT: Before going any further please note that this is not a complaint thread. I understand the game is still in alpha and flaws like this still need to be worked on. I am simply voicing my opinion on it…

What I’m not here to complain about is C4, some people manage to get a LOT of it, really fast. I don’t really care about that.

What I am here to talk about is the flaw that allows people to raid you with 1 - 6 C4 no matter how complicated your base is.

So if you’re like me you probably make your baxe 3x3. From what I observed most people in rust do. Our group spent a lot of time making a large house in another server and it got raided while we were on.
I have a lot of respect for these raiders because they used C4 to get through our base and beat us naturally. I like to learn from each time I’m raided and improve my base. So that’s what I did. This time I made a huge 3x3 tower with a ton of doors and loads of winding hallways and maze-like stairs. It was a very well-built house and it was one I had built learning from my mistake in the past…

What I have a problem with is that somebody bypassed all of that by placing pillars and stairs outside our house and getting to the top floor only using 3 C4. The fact people can ‘build their way’ to the top of your house regardless of it’s height is a flawed game mechanic. It doesn’t promote making unique bases because the only base protected against that is a square with larger dimensions. It basically puts you down no matter how good of a build you make. It made me decide to stop playing until Rust is out of alpha because people keep abusing this flawed mechanic to get into bases.

I’m really not sure if it’s planned to fix this. I really hope it is though because other than this one aspect of the game that lets you bypass every bit of someone’s defenses I really like the game. I understand this is supposed to be a pvp, survival game about raiding and basing. I really liked DayZ, but DayZ didn’t have the basing mechanic rust does. If it wants to have a basing mechanic and make it work and also sleepers, then it really should fix the flawed aspect to it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Agree? Disagree? I want to hear what others think about this as well.

next lesson learned:

BLock the ground around your house with foundations and blocking pillars in the middle, so that people wont be able to build stairs on the outside.

Did that. They simply placed a foundation next to my foundation and put a ceiling on the pillars I placed, and then placed stairs.

Don’t let the game beat you, beat the game.

There are other ways to scale buildings but you have to use 1 c4 per floor.

You place a large crate and a barricade jump on the crate then barricade then blowout the wall

now since you are off ground level you have to “hang” the crate and barricade off the 2nd story floor, in order to jump out on top of them, once there you can place your c4 on the 3rd floor.

rinse and repeat.

ok then her is your next step to learn (dont want to sound pro, but i did the same mistakes you did) :

place the outside foundations not onto your house foundations, rotate them 45° and place them.
you need at least 2 circles with rotated foundations and pillars to block them around your house.

also important is that the outer blocking pillars should be at least 3 floors higher than your building.
so they have to jump down and die on your roof.

but after all: the final answer to all is: THERE IS NO SAFE BUILDING

I didn’t expect there to be a safe building at all, I was fine when the other people on that server raided me because they did it without placing stairs and pillars.

Your idea is good and I will definitely try that, I still stand though thinking that the whole placing stairs thing is a flawed mechanic and should be rebalanced. (Not complaining either, because I understand it’s alpha and some aspects will be flawed.)

i think they are working on that.

house ownership.

so people wont be able to place foundations onto your house and you will be able to destroy ceilings pillars etc

That would be a good idea! Still thank you for your tips and attempts to help me :slight_smile:

The other problem is that once you’ve researched C4, it’s too easy to make.

This is Alpha. They need to put items in game easy to access so people use them alot to test. Most things wont be so easy to get after the game leaves Alpha state.

I made a video on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nglql99_OVI

You need to build pillars as high as your base, and put pillars in-between.

How is this a flaw at all? This is consistent with what one could do in real life.

Have a lot of carpentry and architect experience with some spare C4 just laying around, do 'ya?

It’s a game. Real-life need not apply. Especially since real-life architecture would see a lot of those 3x3 towers just falling over on their own.

I decided the top of a building was too dangerous as well. My most important stuff in a tower will be scattered around the center floors.

It was betther before people could buy the game. Why? Houses are everywhere , without newbies its like 70% of people have kevlars m4’s , i can’t do a think now everytime i spawn i get some wood im attacked by a guy with a rock or kevlar guys…

Build a large tower, include as many doors as possible. Make sure all outside walls are metal doors. You can destroy stairs, FYI. So, on my way down I created a false floor. Put your stuff somewhere in the middle, and use one storage box per “room”. It means they have to c4 thorugh every door for each storage crate. If they went into the false floor, they could easily ways 6-8 c4 looking for your shit.

In addition, place furnaces around your entire inner perimeter, it makes it significantly harder for them to look for the “Loot room”.


Seems the main problem he had was he kepted all his stuff in one room, or two on the top floor. Scatter that stuff!! I don’t agree it’s flawed, but more defenses will be added later in the game.

Bullshit, IRL you don’t care 12 stairs, 2 foundation, a torch, a shotgun, ammo and more crap

between your wiener…


You also don’t get shot in the face, then respawn in your bed.

What’s your point? It’s a Game.