"I heard the myth about headless ghosts roaming around this facility."


and from down the hallway they heard the echo:

Where did you find those shades, guns and people models?

Singing pipes?

Guns and Models are from CS:GO

shades, you mean shadow?

No, shades = sunglasses

They’re part of the player model.

K thanks


does the white guy with the shades have a long black boner?

sure looks that way.

it’s really hard to pose that ragdoll
no offense halfdead

Good god.
I started this, firefox locked on me, and I couldn’t stop it for another minute or so…

What are those funky clips hanging on their waists?

Yea it took a little while for me to identify that as an awkwardly placed knife sheath. But that’s like finding a fly on the corner of your nutella sandwich.