I heard they found the solution, where'll you be for the revolution?


click here to compare the edited picture to the original!

I’ve always loved your WIC poses. Glad to see one again.

Great job! I’m really liking the editing.

are they firing their guns or are the barrels just smoking? because if they’re firing, the smoke from that crouching guy’s AK doesn’t seem to be bursting out of the barrel fast enough; like it’s smoke from a gigarette, or some other small burning source, turned sideways

btw original pls

i did muzzleflashes like this way back too and then all you had to say was “damn they look serious those muzzleflashes” :frowning:

they weren’t ME

but yeah, i get you… kinda.

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original btw for comparison purposes (that’s why it’s so small, like my edited)

this is hot. i like the bokeh

thanks guys.

fucking necrobumper

to the banned camp with ye

fuk tha policee

That’s just awesome.