"I heard they're coming as same as our last hope..."

I didn’t change the tone of scene. Just left as the map was.


I really like this.

title is confuse

I really dont know how to put interesting title. My bad.
btw thanks.

This is pretty cool.

Nice. I like this.

Something just doesn’t look right about the girl on the left.

Thats Serah from Final Fantasy XIII right? I commend you on getting her to fit in with such a “dark”, so to speak, picture. Not bad over all.

End of the fucking world man. Loving the feel of this one!

really good atmosphere

I’m curious about where you got some of those models and how long it took to actually put this together.

Most of them are from fp released threads, I access them by seaching keyworks like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil 5 Models, Afro, but a child is from Silent Hill in garrysmod.org. I always keep old models and choose for fitting one. Well, it doesn’t take much time to pose about 1 hr, but the map is bit laggy because of huge textures.

Personally, I think this screenie’s major strength was in it’s lighting and detail placement, but two things kind of odd about it.

  1. Woman on the right doesn’t seem to fit with the atmosphere that well, although it’s probably just the faceposing. A few changes showing more fear would make her perfect for it.

  2. Woman on left seems like unintentional-potential nightmare fuel for multiple variables. Not really a downside of the picture, works perfect with the atmosphere with the exception of the facepose that has a generally creepy look to it, ala the first zombie’s face in that one cutscene in Resident Evil (Added onto it by the orange eyes). A slightly more frowned expression and that would be perfect.

Excellent actual posing, just the faceposing kind of puts me off.

I really like this but something is wrong.