I installed a .cfg file to help increase FPS, now the game crashed when I join a server.

Ok, Bit of background story to help make this case easier to solve.

  1. I started playing MilitaryRP a few days ago, however, I noticed significantly less FPS than other Gmod Gamemodes. Naturally, I searched FPS increase guides.
  2. I found This:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQCQmWn62Ew guide on a way to increase FPS. It included an .cfg file, to fix fps bugs (changes settings)
  3. Afterwards, when I join a server, the game crashes. It never used to do this.
  4. I tried deleting and unloading the .cfg file, but to no avail, it still did not work.
  5. I re-installed the game, thinking it would fix it, but no, it still does not work.
  6. I came here, to get help :pwn:
  7. Apart from that, if I do get this fixed, is there a way to increase FPS?

When you reinstalled, did you disable cloud before hand?

No, How do you do that?

Right click GMod, Properties, Updates, uncheck steam cloud.

Ok. Thank you, Ill check back to say if its fixed, Or not.

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  1. Its semi fixed.
  2. I join the server, it works fine, all the chat is being updated etc.
  3. But as soon as I look around, the game crashes without warning.
  4. Any help?

Sounds like it may be a graphics card related issue?