I installed a .cfg file to help increase FPS, now the game crashed when I join a server.

Ok, Bit of background story to help make this case easier to solve.

  1. I started playing MilitaryRP a few days ago, however, I noticed significantly less FPS than other Gmod Gamemodes. Naturally, I searched FPS increase guides.
  2. I found This:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQCQmWn62Ew guide on a way to increase FPS. It included an .cfg file, to fix fps bugs (changes settings)
  3. Afterwards, when I join a server, the game crashes. It never used to do this.
  4. I tried deleting and unloading the .cfg file, but to no avail, it still did not work.
  5. I re-installed the game, thinking it would fix it, but no, it still does not work.
  6. I came here, to get help
  7. Apart from that, if I do get this fixed, is there a way to increase FPS?
    ^BUMP^ 1. Its semi fixed.
  8. I join the server, it works fine, all the chat is being updated etc.
  9. But as soon as I look around, the game crashes without warning.
  10. I disabled cloud and re installed the game too.
  11. Any help?