I invited 4 buddies to have an outdoor dinner, but I am starting to dislike my choice.

Well, relatively something new for me, not so good, but well.


+More angles



Yes I had to use Half-Dead poop models for these :P, waiting for bloocobalt to release the real thing.

C&C pl0x.

“Half-Dead Poop Models”

What the fuck is wrong with you? This isn’t even worthy of C&C, hardly any effort put in to posing faceposing or anything else, the DOF looks like shit.

The half dead thing is a joke.

Well, sorry, but “why say wtf is wrong with you”? Its not like its the worst thing ever.

The lighting may be bad. I know.

Huff Puff, fine, just work on the posing and lighting, try to do something with their faces. k?

im going to rip off my genitals at the lack of effort at this entire thing

Sorry it had to be this shitty. I just wanted to be original :confused:

Please do. Then we won’t have more.

I’m sorry to say this but this is pretty shitty. The posing is horrible, too much wasted space, ect.

The Russian guy looks like an orthodox church icon.

I see abit of an asian stereotype overthere.

There is a no collide tool you know.

Whats with the holy floating cake?

I like floating cakes.