I just downloaded SBMP

I just download SBMP, played with it for a few hours, and am LOVING it! There are a few things that I am still figuring out though:

  1. the Fighter Module
  2. Airlocks
  3. turrets
    and a few other things.

I’d also like some advice on anything (features that are easy to miss, etc.)

thx for your advice guys! :smiley:

  1. The Fighter Module, assuming oyu mean what I think you mean, uses the joystick addon. I also think the last update broke it.

  2. To use the airlocks, you have one of each type, as in ‘a’ and ‘b’. Wire them both active or whatever, and you’ll see that they start glowing and stuff. Move them close to one another, and they’ll do their business on their own.

  3. The turrets can be wired up with co-ordinates and whatnot, but at their simplest form you smack stuff together. Smack a gun against a turret to mount it. Smack a chair against the turret to link it.