i Just got banned for nothing !

i played on a server called facepanch texas 2 for 2 weeks now and i just got banned … and idk why . im not cheating im a good player with more them 1.4k hours on rust . and i will be happy to get unbanned and keep playing with my friends

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheat" - Holmzy))

Here we go again. Damn why you took so long with another “i got banned for no rison plesz unban kthx” post
This shit is entertaining as fuck to read. All these incompetent kids thinking a unban is just around the corner ayyy!

If this is a serious appeal, then you’re better off posting it in the eac forums on steam. Or at least posting a link here to your steam profile.

If you were eac banned (game banned) then I can almost absolutely assure that it was no accident, you were caught with a known rust hack running in your rust memory. However if an eac dev sees this post they will be happy to do a quick manual check on your ban to make sure. (If you post your steam id).

If it was a server ban from an official server then there’s absolutely nothing you can do other then find a new server. A FacePunch employee wouldn’t just server ban someone for no reason, so there’s practically no chance at all of being unbanned.

what exactly do you expect anyone to do if you’re not gonna tell us what your steam account is, preferably with a profile URL

That new ban smell

My question is, if you have put more then 1400 hours into the game, why on earth would you try to hack it, do kids these days not understand what anti cheat is? -___-


How does the amount of hours he has in the game mean in anyway that he hasn’t hacked? I’ve seen people on this forum with far more hours then him that were confirmed to be hacking.

The account has been banned from a definite detection of a paid cheat.

Fixed that for ya.

just because the game has an anticheat it doesnt mean its cheat proof
he’s an idiot because he bought cheats and used them on FACEPANCH TEXAS, thats it