I just got Garry's Mod

And I have a few questions.

I love making machinimas, are there any good threads around here that go into depth about it? Like posing ragdolls or animating them to make them seem realistic? I searched but couldn’t find anything.

I heard about a PHX pack thing, whats in it? Mabye I already have it… But I doubt it, I haven’t downloaded anything sense I got the game like 5 days ago.

That’s about it, does anyone know about these?


PHX is included in GMod now, it’s the big pack of props that look like gray cubes and triangles and such. They’re good for building.

As for Machinima-making, you might want to try the screenshots and movies subforum, there are tutorial links in the stickies.

Thank you, and yes then I do have it! I’ll go check those out.

I suggest you get wiremod as-well. Also check out garrrysmod.org for addons.

Really bad idea, its not good a beginner.

You got it six years late

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The age of sandbox is well and truly over man