I just got grieved the ultimate bug

I just woke up this morning and found my big base raided. My base was 15 floors up. They grieved me by CHOPPING DOWN MY STAIRS AND REPLACING IT WITH CEILING which means I cant go up to see what’s happening (they seal up the third floor). This is really a serious bug because ceiling cant be C4 From what I see they threw out everything from the window, sealed it up and suicides. Now I lost all my shit and I cant even enter my own GOD DAMM BASE.

Build up from the outside? haha that sucks man, but I agree, Cielings should be C4’able.

They are adding in home ownership, which should prevent this from being a problem.

I play on a server that uses a Home Ownership mod, I can take my own ceilings down at will.

You know what this means? Blowing done a wall on each level and adding a tower of stairs leading up. That will be the only way for yo to salvage it…

I don’t have C4 even I build out from outside I still cannot enter because they just resealed the way they enter.

Start chopping with axe

They placed with their own wall. I cant even chop it down. (update: they came in using barricade pillar tactic which is also another lame bug after tat they destroyed the barricade to cover their tracks)

I only grief people who have stolen my house(in early stages). Had a shack with a wood door and quite a bit of stuff, but had to go, so I couldn’t wait around for a metal door, come back a day later and someone set up shop in my house. I know it’s part of the game, but there would be no way to get c4, so I just put up spike walls all the way around the house including the front door. I filled the front entrance with barricades, spike walls, and containers. They may be able to get out but I doubt it, if I can’t use it any more i’ll be damned if I let you have it peacefully.

Moral of the story: Karma is a bitch!

If not on a foundation al spikes and barricades wil be decade in a day

I don’t think it would be a good idea if ceilings are c4 able, that would mean they could penetrate the top center of your base with a couple charges and by building up. Most bases I’ve raided either have stairs in the middle or their main stashes on the top most level. Maybe stairs should be destructible but not by hatchet and only with a good quantity of C4. The fool proof method for your first level stairs: Build a pillar in the middle of the foundation and slap a ramp there.

Sounds like I need to go on the offensive again lol!

I do this all the time its so fun.

What if I make a loot room like this : I place a hanging room high above the ground. Surrounded by tall pillars. Good luck raiding that cos now only me can remove pillars and replace them with stairs.

I believe everything should be destructible, at least to the Uber Hatchet.

I once, asked a colleague “what do you think of rust” ? Being minecraft and DayZ veteran he responded to me with response which was even remotely unpredictable to me - “You know, I kind of heard about it and I don’t want to play it because in my opinion it is an ultimate trolling game…”, I tried arguing my POV about how it is surviving not trolling but now after full month I see what he meant :slight_smile:

If anything - sorry for you loss mate but thanks for making my day…


I can understand why you are pissed but you have to realize it is nothing to get mad at.

For one, you shouldn’t be attached to anything.

Two, you should note this as a learning experience. Don’t make the same mistake next time and build different.

Three, expect to this to happen because it happens to most people who have the tallest bases. People are dicks and they want to see your time and effort wasted in a matter of minuets.

And lastly fourth. This will continue to happen through the lifespan of the game. People will always find a way around an obstacle. Usually just have to take it with a grain of salt and remember this list, or give up the game now because I know for a fact it will happen again.

reading this thread i decided to build another staircase up to the other levels so no one does the same thing, just incase

Yea it’s really annoying that you can pick axe down stairs in 2 minutes and then build a ceiling… ruins an entire base.

The only successful bases will need to have 4 + stairs going up just to avoid being ceiling griefed.

But once we have ownership it shouldn’t be an issue.

ya i agreed now busy designing 3 stairs up, too many is no good and we gonna build wide rather than tall.