i just got killed by a hacker

hello you probably clicked on this because i said “HACKER” there is a guy named ( 's ) hes going around noclipping into peoples bases i just got killed by him he walked through a wall and shot me with an m4 and stole all my stuff. if you have seen this guy and got hacked by him also plz reply and hopefully we can get this guy banned!!!

(User was banned for this post ("shit thread" - Orkel))

I have a video of someone no clipping into my base and killing me with the same name… It looks like whoever it ism is just using a blank name. But I do have a date and exact time of it happening on the video. I don’t know if that would help any or if the people who make this game care. BTW it happened to me on the East Coast server and I have a pretty good idea where this person is based.

This is idiotic.

A - There are tons of people who do this.
B - We don’t even know on what server this happened
C - Even if we did, as I said in A, there are lots of cases, it won’t help anyone without their name
D - You need proof
E - God damn it, how many times do we need to say that stopping people from hacking isn’t their priority now?

I have all this info with video proof… And why would I want to play a game where hacking isn’t a priority ? The same BS Hammerpoint did for Infestation(WarZ) look at where the game is now, in the toilet.

It’s an alpha. They’re currently more worried on adding features than spend all day stopping hackers.
And also, I was talking to Stalker+

Hacking is a priority but right now they are trying to get other things put together to make the game playable before they just focus on people no clipping

Yet, they can keep a log of everyone that has been proven hacking and ban them when the game goes live, making them have to repurchase at the market price. Most hackers are minors, so it will also reduce the amount of idiot kids by quite a bit.