I just got opinions.

1.Sleeping bags shouldn’t be so easily placed. People use it to raid because it basically gives you a “second life”

2.The environment should be increasingly difficult at night. Zombies roam together, aggro is more sensitive, drop better loot? as a form of reward I guess.

3.Some players tell me they can see at night. I cant see shit or, in this case, penis. How do people adjust their brightness in-game?

4.Eventually there needs to be a command to allow other players to use your doors. Seeing houses with 10 doors is funny and strange

5.PETS! SUPER AWESOME DOGE THAT BARKS WHEN PPL ARE NEAR BY. lol just throwing that out… probably too hard to do and way too many issues.

6.More PvE in general.

7.trip wire? home defense? not an automated .50 cal named DESTROYER.

8.Inspecting bodies to see who killed that body. also able to destroy body/evidence. Just so we can tell whose bandit.

9.Bandit attire? Hero attire? different increases in stats. like bandit attire gives you more stealth? hero gives you more bullet protection? i dont know what dayz does. Never played it, but i like the idea of being a hero in a game like this.

10.you read all of these? wow.

  1. ikr.
  2. Turn gamma up in graphics card control, if you want to join the gay club.

Definitely #1 is true, make a LONG LONG replace time, so for example, you put a sleeping bag down, then make a 1 day or several hour cooldown, before allowing another.

Are you implying you want to see penis?

they say that there is not going to be any way of seeing the difference of a bandit and a hero, so please stop ur not so funny suggestions.