"I just lost one of my last thing."


Short work. C&C please =)

Wait. What’s her last thing?


I’ve never actually called anyone a thing, especially if I love them but I’ll give an artistic for effort.

No faceposing on Zoey?And i won’t be calling a person a “thing”.
Other then that,great job.

Ellis is a thing?

Yes, of course he is.

Oh my b

great work man, sad yet awsome at the same time, Ellis is awsome! :D…this is a sad picture :frowning:

Blur the edges of the shadows.

There is face posing on Zoey, but I put some shadow on her face.
I’m sorry if I called Eillis as thing. I dont know what word should I correct on topic. [Yeah, my english is bad.]

Thank you guys for comments.

men are not objects we are people too! we have rights and we are just as good as you women!

I was thinking you were implying that she lost her last chance to lose her virginity.

he meant virginity

clearly period blood killed ellis