I just lost six hours of work because Garry's mod is constantly corrupting my saves.

When I load a save, it gets stuck at a place almost immediately where it reads Initializing World… beneath the G symbol and Loading resources… on the progress bar in the lower right hand corner.

Now, this has been going on for a long time and has ruined many of my afternoons (including this one) and the afternoons of one of my friends. I probably spent six or seven hours setting up a roleplay for my friend over a period of two days; and now it is destroyed. I am now deeply depressed and my friend will have nothing to do.

Is anyone else having this problem? It’s affected all of my maps, both of my computers, and has happened too many times to count. It can’t go on. :suicide:

This happens to me sometimes, right after I downloaded a bunch of crap, so do you own any addons? Either that or there is to much on the save for your computer to handle. Also how much memory do you have left and how much was used on gmod?

Saves are notoriously unreliable. You should try advanced duplicator instead.

How long have you waited to see if it loads?

A long time. Maybe ten minutes. I can’t find a version of Adv. Dupe that works.

Sue for damages.

The Adv. Dupe that comes with wire works for me. Have you tried that one?