I just need some simple help i will give a rank on my server

I just need some simple help with my ttt server like the traitor weapons and point shop

I will help you, however i don’t care about the rank on your server. you keep that. What seems to be the problem? If you have errors, post them

If you aren’t even gonna put the effort into your post to explain what exactly you need to be done, why should I help you?

i just need you to add some stuff to the point shop

I looked up videos on it; It look pretty complicated. As my good friend Cane said. I recommend contacting this coder Ill put his Skype down there. Hes a really good coder but after a while of like adding Custom stuff to your server. Hes gonna charge. This isnt a custom thing though. So ya. He worked for me a while. Hes now working on my friends TTT Server. Hes done a good good job on it.

His Skype: masterman720

Silence minion, http://icode4you.webs.com/

I’ll help you because I’m a super nice guy

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Custom pointshop stuff is very simple