I just opened a Stargate to the Matrix.

I was having fun on a popular Spacebuild 2 server, when I decided to close the unused Stargates. I closed the one in the hanger just fine, but when I closed the one that my friend had made, my game froze on this image of the stargate spitting out a bunch of code.


What I want to know is…

-What caused this?
-How can I prevent it?
-Where the shit is the code coming from?

Heh, I’ve had something like this before. Once had the ice from the ice planet on gooniverse covered with text. Some Lua, some names, some reserved font text. Although when mine happens, it’s weirder. Once had someones face as a spawn icon.

  1. probably some random fix in gmod you can fix with record fix;stop
  2. record fix;stop in your console
  3. the “code” is the chat font in picture-form, used by all source engine games up from hl2:dm/cs:s

My skybox once displayed code like that. It was cool , it dissplayed the rcon password :stuck_out_tongue:

Or it really is the server?

did you go thru the red portal or the blue one

I get it, you just need to play it in windowed.