I just played this game for the first time.

I have to say, this was one of the top 10 worst games i have played of all time.
Seriously guys, i mean, what kind of game lets you grenade your own foot while shooting at enemies that disappear like fart vapors?
ONe time, i was trading on the global market, and this dwarf came up and literally just typed \punchingnads and the game gave him everything in my inventory.
Brothers, this should not be. I say that we rise up and tell riot that we demand justice. We will not stand for this crappy game quality any longer or we will poop.
You have been warned. We are the community of rust.

Alright then.
Whatever it is you’re on, I want some of it.

Do you even rust?

wait what

Look, all im saying is that any game whose mechanics are based around me gyrating my thumbs to simulate steaming a cockney is not worthy of a top of the morning pop fizzly bopper. Know what im saying, mate?

i gotchu m8

Ahh I now realize, why you think jokes about feces are funny. Mate lol

Actually, i take my turds very seriously. I find it particularly invigorating to hold my own defacation in my hand. Take a look.

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Oh look someone that does not get enough attention IRL

LOLLLL So funny XD

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting…

is there a crazy rating?

It would be very appropriate for this thread right now.

Mad crybaby…

I’m not a crybaby, just pointing out a rookie mistake.

Not at all. You just dont have a sense of humour. The guy is trolling in a creative way, I found it funny and you whine.

From now on i’m ignoring everything you will post, so I wond have to endure all your crying!

Do yourself a favor and stop posting.

Thanks, that guy was getting on my nerves :dance: