I just want one of the Phys Gloves.

I just want the blue ones that override the Phys Gun so I can use the Gravity Gun for something else. When I did the sensible thing by only adding the files that related to the Phys Gun (superphyscannon, I guess?), my whole Phys Gun model was gone, but the Grav Gun model I liked was still there. Following the errors, I replaced the “physcannon.mdl” with the file in the Phys Gloves .ZIP, and when I booted Gmod up again, both guns were gone.

So, one set of gloves can’t exist without the other or something?

You don’t just copy the single MDL, do you mean the weapons were invisible?

If they were, then make sure you copy the whole lot of files where the mdl is.

No, I know there are other files that go with the .mdl, trust me. I was trying to omit the files for the gloves that replace the Gravity Gun, that’s all. I once replaced both guns with the gloves, then tried to install my Grav Gun model of choice to overlap the Grav Gloves, but apparently without those, the Phys Gloves do not show up in-game.

For those of you not following me so far (since I often have difficulty explaining things, but the difference between Phys and Grav should be as clear as night and day anyway), here’s a key for you;

Grav = the orange-colored gun, primary to push things away, secondary to pick up things. Click secondary to drop the item you’ve picked up.

Phys = the blue-colored gun, hold primary to pick up and hold things, secondary to freeze them in place, hold E to rotate.