i just want to DISCUS VAC why you locked it just in 5 second

THIS IS A Alpha game…not EVEN BETA or the official version

We just want to test how much we can do in this game let makers knows how many things they need to be FIX.

just VAC banned so fast so makers cant know what the hell just happened and dont know how to fix it.

I don’t understand why close those thread




Why not pay attention to the problem and close the thread

this is “Alpha” …not beta or formal play at game !

game vulnerabilities and amplified using = use hack play this game !!

look this new update.

Why wall extract can’t used it to cheater now

BECAUSE his bug is fixing.

that is how they working for the game.

just FACE on it! Dont just close the thread.

(User was banned for this post ("don't remake locked threads" - postal))

It’s because you cheated you fucking cheater, now stop making threads on the topic.

so today I updated my server and luckily was one of the first servers to be up – now it’s highly populated and speed hackers/aimbotters are flourishing… flourishing right into my ban.cfg :slight_smile:

It’s because this is the thread for VAC ban discussion, dumbass: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1351338

  1. most hacks can not be prevented; the only solution is to ban the hackers.
  2. you didn’t report the hack via an official format, you simply utilized it in-game for personal benefit
  3. hacks are explicitly against the rules

you’re in the wrong. stop posting.

They know how to fix it that’s why you got VAC banned. This isn’t a line of questioning that will get traction, you aren’t even testing code; you downloaded a commercial hack which makes you a script kiddie. Get some sense.

By the way, you get banned for hacking in a way that Valve’s VAC team are aware of.

If you aren’t banned they don’t know what hacks you are using.
If you are banned then they are aware of what type of hacks you are using.

You’d have to alter the game code to obliterate hacks which takes unnecessary time.

Who care about hacker