I keep getting disconnected from servers


I bought Rust a little while ago, in between the Dutch auctions and the public Steam release. I played a lot for a week or so, and have been taking a break since then. Today I decided to revisit Rust after seeing FrankieonPC’s newest Rust video. The problem I have been having is that when I join a server (with no problems at all so far as I know), after a couple minutes of playtime I am randomly disconnecting from the server. When I come back online and I ask why I keep getting disconnected, the only responses I get are “because the server is anti-semitic,” or “because you’re a F****** dirty Jew.” (My name is TheJewishJuggernaut on Steam) All I am asking is for a little more help than that; possibly a setting I have to change or something because I really want to play Rust. Thanks for your help!

All of the game servers are currently being attacked. Facepunch and the owners of uLink (the library which is causing these problems) are trying to fix this as swiftly as they can.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you, me, game server owners or GSPs can do until the problem is fixed. You just have to sit back and wait like the rest of us.

So that’s why i can’t connect to servers, any idea when their done fixing the situation?

try and check the post dates before you necro a thread. there have been further DDOS recentlyish, but most of the time the servers are offline for updates etc.

Kinda funny in a way. Most people are to lazy to search and start a new thread. The ones that do a search dig up the dead. Is “recentlyish” a word? LOL

close enough XD

Lol to pulling up a thread from LAST CHRISTMAS and posting “So this is why I can’t connect?”.
Pissing myself laughing…