I keep getting hacked and need help

Well someone keeps hacking my server. They know my rcon password and keep perma banning everyone in teh server. I haven’t given the password out and I don’t know how they’ve got it. I need help fast. Does anyone know how this can be happening?

Have you tried changing the password?

Yes I’ve changed it twice and they keep finding it out.

Someone, probably a player that randomly decided to fuck your server over after joining it, or perhaps for a provoked reason, such as being kicked or banned, may’ve gotten your IP and placed stuff on your comp that allows them to track everything you do and set, or the like. This is a worst case scenario, but it’s also quite likely.

So to stop it I have to delete this virus or whatever they’ve put on my pc? Well if htey got it there once they can put it there again cant they?

Basically, they’re using a source exploit to download your server.cfg and fuck with it - simple fix, move ALL of the stuff in server.cfg to a newly made cfg, call it whatever you want.

After you’ve done that, go to your srcds startup line and enter this:

+exec (nameofnewcfg).cfg

Should baffle the person enough for them to give up and leave.

If you’re unable to do this, just take down your server until an update has been released.

Dont set an Rcon password and you’ll be fine.

Ok I’ll try that. Funny thing is though I only made the server 3 days ago so I don’t know why anyone is bothered to mess with it.

For shits and giggles.

hmm I copied it across and changed the rcon in the new file. I then executed it using rco nand the server crashed.

And so it begins, this time I was hoping that people would not cause a big uprise and spew out the words that cause panic like Source Exploit & Rcon.

Is this a common known exploit then? They seem to hack the rcon pretty fast after I change it.

Who is your server host?

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I use bioservers

Set files E.G. server.cfg and empty it, to read only and put the rcon_password in a new serverside file of your gamemode.

[lua]RunConsoleCommand(“rcon_password”, “yournewpasswordhere”)[/lua]

And in your newfile.lua or what ever in the init.lua put.


Thats all…