I keep getting the "Steam DLL isn't worthy of our trust on line 76561198039900790"

I realize that most people get this from pirating games of any kind on steam. To be honest I have NEVER used any kind of cracks or piracy devices or ANYTHING. I buy all of my games via steam or store, Here’s proof


If there are any solutions I would appreciate them. thank you

I…belive that’s a prank garry newman added :< I don’t understand either. But just so you know, it’s pretty common and i’ve only had it ONCE. >.>

Ladies and Gentlemen, this user isn’t kidding, and let me tell you why: because when someone recieves that error it includes your steam community ID (Obviously)

If it happens often then… I recommend contacting garry newman (creator of gmod) @


OR you can contact steam support. Either way should help :o

It’s an anti-piracy system Garry added.

It’s not perfect but I’ve never heard of a situation where it couldn’t be fixed without some forum help.

Expect the forum nazi’s to shout “OMG YOUR PROFILE LINKS IS FALSE!” etc…
Probably ask you to post a comment on your profile to prove it’s you - bla bla bla :slight_smile: