I keep getting this annoying spawn menu glitch.


I would say help and support subforum but meh. That looks odd. It does look like it is your graphics card tho. What is your card type it anyway?

Check your card isn’t overheating. Download HWmonitor and look at temps

Your gfx card is toast. What you’re seeing is called texture corruption and it’s usually caused by a bad memory chip on the card or a bad I/O region inside the GPU. Sometimes reducing the game settings (mainly detail level) will reduce memory usage on the card and delay this kind of corruption a little longer.

Check out Newegg.com for some fairly cheap replacement cards. Don’t get ATI. Their quality has really gone to shit lately.

[rant] I build custom, high-performance systems for people locally as a hobby and for extra income. I’ve used ATI exclusively for nearly a decade in the machines I build, with an odd Nvidia card here and there for comparison. After 5 cards in a row that arrived either dead or with way too much ‘personality’ (pisses my customers off and makes me look bad), and the much shorter lifespan of their cards (heat dissipation, they’re doin it wrong), plus the big letdown in performance with the R600 and R700 chip series, and the complete lack of a price break to account for it, as well as the huge failure the PowerPlay technology was (It lowers your cards clock speeds in 3d mode if usage is not at 100% like if you look at the ground for a second. When you look back up, the card has to switch mode back to full which causes huge stuttering and FPS loss, as well as occasional crashes in many games), plus all the bullshit I had to go through over and over to get them to RMA the crap they sold me, I’ve pretty much written ATI off until I see how the R800 competes with Nvidias chips and if they can solve their little production problems (which are obviously caused by a premature switch to 65 and then 55nm fabrication (done as a feeble attempt to get ahead. They ended up shooting themselves in the foot.)) ATI and the AMD monster with their jacked up memory controllers can go shove it. [/rant]


have you downloaded any custom Derma skins recently? Derma has that kind of affect if you havnt installed them right.

If that were the case, the corruption would be immediate. He said that this happens after he spawns a buncha detailed npcs and stuff. It’s obvious his vram is filling up when he does this and the gpu is glitching out.

Thanks guys, but I can’t get a new graphics card :frown:

Then you’ll have to live with it.

(I had this type of glitch when I was on dx 7, to stop BSOD’ing from blood. Otherwise gone back to no things in the launch menu and turned off the violence instead to stop bsod’ing.)