I keep having to reinstall gmod

I have to reinstall gmod every couple of days because the counter strike and ep2 crap will turn into errors every so days, i do the fix where you rename your old folder to something like “garrysmod_old” and then playing the game but i need a more permanent fix because it pisses me off when i have to wait an hour to copy the old addons everytime i try to play the damn game

Are you sure you’re mounting your crap correctly? can you give more information like Operating system, what games you mount in gmod and what addons you have installed

Just verify the cache of the game that has broken props.

This happened to me recently, where one moment, CS:S/TF2/EP2 props would be fine, I’d change maps, and then all I would see were errors. Simply verifying the cache, and running the games fixes this issue, if not, then unmount, and re-mount the content in GMod.

This issue tends to happen after updates.