I keep rubberbanding and don't know why

I have good internet speed and an outstanding computer, I cannot figure what would constanly make me rubberband, if anyone has an ideas as to what it is, I would appreciate that a lot. If you need more info, let me know.

i am having same problems can figure it out

If it’s not you then it’s most likely server-related issues.

Its related to opening the door and for some reason the server sees the door as closed and puts your right back in front of the door. Yet, when you are fast, you can perform actions ( that stay done ) in this room before your rubber banded back.

For some reason specific configurations can create this effect. I have dozen of doors and it only happens on two exact same doors.

I see what you’re saying but it happens to me out in the open world, not just my house. And I can see how it would be server related, but fellow players say they do not experience it

“good” internet connection and “outstanding” computer are not very specific informations … maybe if you post some of your specs someone is able to help you

it could be the server your on is either serviced or under DDOS attack

I run an ASUS ROG Laptop with @
GPU GeForce GTX 970M
Intel® Core™ i7-4710 CPU @ 2.50GHz
Windows 8.1

And my Internet Speed is @ about 20Mbps download and 23Mbps Upload

well kurt, that’s some impressive upload speed. could still be packet loss, but your computer looks about the same as mine; able to run it in lowest settings, but not huge fps.

Thank you, I agree. Yeah I think it might be packet loss or something, but I am not sure how to fix that…?

someone fucking answer

its not a fix, but its an answer…sorry I’m frustrated beyond explaining at this point.

you may have amazing internet but are you wireless? its a silly question to ask a gamer but you never know…

i’ve played wireless and as soon as anything else leeches said wireless the rubberbanding is outa control.

wired in i still get it everyonce in a while, not allot tho and usually just 1 or 2 and its done for hours of play.