I know it's pre alpha but.

I have to say in all the alpha’s i have played, this has to be the most disappointing one. The game itself is a great concept, it takes parts of Dayz Minecraft and makes them work in a more brutal fashion.

Anyways i load up the game and this is my experience. I run a few feet and start cutting a tree to only get axed in the face by random person. I re spawn and this time im a little more aware, so when i come across someone i keep my distance only to get axed in the head from behind by another.
So i decide ok it’s KOS fine, sometimes i get a kill sometimes i don’t, most of the time it’s a battle of rubber banding mixed with a horrible game engine. Anyways that’s cool i motor on, i build a hut at last! have a bed and campfire inside, it’s dark and a couple of people come along, they somehow can loot my loot box which was placed at the back corner of my hut, i even checked around it for gaps and couldn’t find any way to loot from it from the outside, they did though.
Cool so im back to square one, i spend the next 5 hours getting myself all nicely setup, have 2 walls, pillars foundation door frame door all ready to go, got full outfit and a gun with over 100 bullets, plenty of food and overall im just about sorted to go and build a better house which in turn will allow me to explore the game with some purpose. ( have somewhere to store loot )
But no, just as im finishing up the walls in my crafting window my entire house is exploded into nothing by scattered land mine looking objects which i might add must of been used by an invisible player?

So ye that is my experience in a very poorly delivered pre alpha, now the die hards will scream STFU noob stop care bearing, but the simple fact is the game is really bad right now and it shouldn’t be sold at all.
You guys should take a tip from other game company’s and just do a kick starter, and have a somewhat playable game which i expect bugs but at least playable before selling it.
This game is hugely based around surviving and growing, it’s kind of impossible with the above experience, i mean where is the fun in that? it’s just stupid,

Before anyone wastes there time flaming me im an avid eve online/dayz player sometimes play 7days to die and used to play warz/age of conan before it became pay to win. so please don’t bother with the “it’s just not the game for you” crap because i love hardcore games that “work”

Just my 2cents. Oh did i mention the lag? lol dat lag

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