I know, newfag and all.

I need some help with adding maps and whatnot. I LOOKED AT THE FAQ POST. I don’t really understand it. This is what I did: http://i47.tinypic.com/jr5ron.png

What the!!! How does ur gmod work? It has no folders ands stuff!!!

No idea. I can still download maps and play them later too!
Er, if I go in to a server.

Could I have a screenshot of your folders and create them manually?

I suggest you delete the SECOND gmod folder, then run the game, then exit it. look at the newly created one. if there are not a bunch of folders inside the second gmod one, then I don’t know. Creat a folder called maps, then put the map in there, unless it says in the readme “addon”. Then, make a folder called addons and put it in there.

So if a new folder doesn’t appear, create a second Gmod folder and in that make a maps and addons folder?


Found it! it wasn’t in “ProgramFiles”, it was in “Program Files (x86)”

ah, there you go.