I know optimisation is the last thing done...any timeframe?

Because until it is done, the game is unplayable for me. I can get 60 FPS on legacy, and I’m lucky if it goes above THREE FPS on reboot.

Yes yes, it’s alpha. All I want to know is when I can help test it. Because at the minute, it is impossible.

In needs to be optimized. I get 30-70 fps on dual gtx 980s. I realize this game doens’t support SLI, but it’s only using about 40% of one card.

It will be a long time before they focus on optimization as opposed to game features. We can only hope they will make some improvements soon, as they try to fix the trees issues, or other bugs. But I would bet it will be at least a month before they are done on other things and can focus on optimization.

Mid next year.

go ingame take fast option before you start
F2 shutdown or minimalize Shadows

30-70 fps

i got a bad card