I know that the rust ddos servers!


They are behind the attacks against ALL the Rust servers.

and i have found the teamspeak on the forum, -no-, just for help !

I found their address on a forum, here is to help!

What is up with you people, bug off. We don’t care.

They want attention. That is why.

Cordially fuck off please.
Rust team will handle it.

^ Agree 100%

People stop making threads of TS address like do you really think we are sad enough to go into a chat so some French people can laugh and we can say “ahh we have your ip” all of this crap does jack shit for us… you got the TS so easy so do you not think it is as easy for anyone else to get it? we are all aware of the problems and a guy in TS has proven it is him, i don’t know the exact address but it’s been posted a dozen times, probably the same as the one you posted

I post this just hoping it will prevent another 9 threads opening up today about the address…