I know this is not a ..

I know this is not a good question or the question is not good for this gamemode, but I ask if someone have Perp wich is working even for the last update what was garry release.
I have a community , I bought a gamemode but that peace of sh** guy sell it and the files was from 2010 and the gamemode is not working.
If you have it and you want to give it to me or you want money add me on steam and we can talk about it.

Drama unlimited, google it

I know about Drama unlimited , but those gamemode are full with bugs and took to much time to be fixed , and I don’t know how to fix them.

Then you have no option and if you can’t fix a broken gamemode getting as leak is 100% useless to you.

you’re also probably going to get banned for undescriptive thread title knowing the mods

Anyway. I have the gamemode , I remeber that I bought it some time ago, so this topic can be closed :smiley:

How many times have you bought a gamemode that is so easy to get for free?

If you want to know. This was the first time, all the version from dramaunlimited.org don’t work so is better that I bought it.

But it’s still not working.

O the irony.

No , is working :smiley:

Then why the fuck did you make this thread?

Because ween I creat this thread the gamemode dosen’t work !!!

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And I want just to know if someone have Chrome Module for PERP , I have base module but is not enough.

Chrome module is deprecated AFAIK.
Just remove the TV item and remove it from stores.

Thank you very much :D.

And I have another problem. I tryed to add cars , I add it , but ween I spawn it the car is in AIR and I cannot use it.


missing server model btw

People buy gamemodes?

Yes indeed.

lol. people buy porn?

Is this some sort of argument in favor of selling gamemodes?

No. It’s more of the fact that i think it was a dumb question. Theres how much free porn in the internet and yet people still buy porn even though it may not be better just as people may buy gamemodes even though you can usually just get a free one as good or better.

In my question you found someone were I write that I want to download the gamemode for free ? like if somoene know a site ? NO !!