I Know This Sounds Desperate...

But Everyone Knows How To Make Maps. Everywhere I Go There’s Deathrun, Cities, And I’m Stuck Using Props On Construct. Now I Know This Sounds Desperate, But How Do You Make A Map And Then Texture It?

PS, I Don’t Care If It Takes 3 Hours To Read, I Just Need To Know!

Source SDK - hammer editor.

There are tons of helpful videos (and tons that aren’t) on youtube.

it’s much easier than you think.

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Mappings easy, providing you get over the initial layout of Hammer, which is confusing at first. Good luck though. :slight_smile:
The mapping sections full of helpful people, you can ask there if you have problems.

Good websites for mapping:
Valve developer wiki


Look on gmod wiki there is a lot of information there about mapping.

Thank You, But For God’s Sake Tell Me None Of These Are Mods. Are They?


Don’t Talk Like This. Nothing Timenova said is a mod. They are websites, he clearly said that in his post. You can probably find a couple videos on youtube explaining how to do it.

Wow as if we havent had this question before.

Nah. They are simply websites that contain tutorials.

Now, onto the subject of Youtube guides- stick with good ones such as Firegod, Lord Ned, Sphinxa, etc. They have good tutorials, and they know what they are doing. I suggest you stay away from the likes of 3kliksphillip as he teaches bad habits to new mappers.
Carving and Making skyboxes out of a big hollowed cube is generally frowned upon.

Carving is the best tool ever.

What Timenova said. Follow the tutorials on those sites, and have fun while doing it. good luck

This. Our mapping section is usually a good place to start. The lead moderator there compiled a list of useful things (our “encyclopaedia”).

yes, and you should also take a look at the pimpage thread. There is a lot of really great mappers that post there.