I know what has been bugging me.

First of all, I love this game already. I have embraced every lose, and accepted every defeat. But, it’s not losing the items that has been bothering me. What bothers me in rust is the disparity between destruction time/requirements:build time/req.

I get it, this game is superhardcore, life’s not fair etc. But, days worth of work can be destroyed by a 5 minute run to an airdrop/rad town. There is not a balance between obtaining explosives/quickly building a moderately secure structure. This is the issue that is turning this game into a grieving fest. There is too much potential for this game, I honestly would hate it to turn into class warfare at all times. A server comes up, and you have a 1 day window to be part of the kevlar m4 class to not be force to either: grovel at several large structures dying repeatedly until one of them lets you join them(effectively becoming a farm bitch for some time), grind to a pipegun and kill starters and then make 3-5 houses in several places before you finally get lucky enough to get a decent weapon drop to murder face in your area.

The biggest problem with what I mentioned above, is that once someone has obtained a high tier weapon they effectively rule their area. This wouldn’t be a problem if high tier weapons were not purely luck grabs in many cases. It should take a ridiculous amount of work to obtain something as dominate as the m4,kevlar, or explosives. All high tier weapons(including c4) should be craft only, and take a substantial amount of work to craft. The majority of players should be working with pipes, bows. Obtaining c4 should be a moment to start thinking about how you’re going to raid that enormous 4 story house of a group you’ve been competing for resources with for the last week; something so rare you wouldn’t dare waste it on the 1x1 a quarter mile down the road.

Disclaimer: This is, of course, MY OPINION and I expect others to see it otherwise. Arguments against this are welcome.

Balance isn’t really a thing that exists in game as a concept, right now. Rust is very much unbalanced and unfair. Balancing the game and making for a stable progression in player capability is on the to-do list.

The devs want player freedom and emergent gameplay to be the driving force of Rust, but they’re still going to make reasonable balance attempts as it becomes logical to do so.