"I know you were there, Steve. You have to tell me what happened."

This is my first official picture. Not my best work… but oh well.

Graphics are max, and my AA is 4x.

Oh, and sorry if it’s too dark, but you can basically see everything.

Excellent. A bit washed out colours, but excellent.

Yeah… that’s what happened with the “Soften Portrait” option in Paint.NET.

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Here’s the original, I made it smaller so it would be easier to… well, I don’t know why I made it smaller.

don’t use filters. the original looks better

Looks good.

Somehow this reminds me of L.A. Noire. It’s cool.

When I made it, I thought of Black Ops, which was kinda weird, but yeah it does.

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I used the Soften tool, I didn’t know that was a filter…?

Reminds me of the live action scenes in BLACK.

Well done!

Saturated colours look a lot nicer in my opinion. the TF2 colours are meant to be outstanding, toning it down makes it slightly realer, and just gives it an old fashioned look. Good job. However the spy’s waist looks strange.

Yeah… I didn’t notice that until I was editing it, but I can go back in-game and fix it.
Thanks for the Constructive Criticism people!

The original is the best.

Ok…? Already said. Now let’s just let this thread fall to the back of the forums, shall we?