"I know your face! You killed my daughter!!!!"

“I kill you!!”

five minutes later the police found his remains, it was his body only, with a missing leg, and at some other spot, was his head and spinal cord

lesson leanred, NEVER mess with a guy in a nano suit

The tracer is very random, even if it’s coming from the off screen monster. The shell casings also don’t really make sense since the subject is obviously holding a rifle. The shadows are also insane.

shell casing, reason:
the guy is firing the gun

I think he means the type of casing

oh, yeah…hmm, they dont fit

revenge is never the answer



I know your face from earth’s history.
Why is Crysis killing mw2? Crysis isn’t that much of a sore loser

yeah i thought crysis was cool and collected, he’s got a neat voice.

however in mortal kombat, fighting even if someone compliments you is ALWAYS the solution…seriously…

A deep image so full of emotion that no words can describe. Amazing work.

The amount of thought put in to this is absolutely stunning, as is the special effects. Bravo!

And with maximum strength. show some mercy man!!

“No! I am your daughter!”


that soldier is fucked gahahah.

oh my god.lol

Because MW2 was half way dead anyway. It needed a mercy kill.
That game was the epitome of generic FPS it proves that you can slap a name on something and people will buy it.
On topic; The caliber of the SCAR is not matching with the casings ejected.
The scar fires a 7.62x51 or a .338 caliber. They have these shells in the CSS folder in browser I believe.

The motion blur looks weird but really cool, the other effects are awesome.

The posing and angle are perfect.

Hmmm. I expected it to be Splinter Cell Conviction type.