I know you're out there, Garry!

Hi, Mr. Garry. I posted on your steam page but I guess you didn’t see it. I wanted to arrange a time to play a server with you to get the Garry achievement. How about this Wednesday at 1:30 pm?


Garry doesn’t respond to stuff like this…

He is far too busy.

Well, he might be a bit busy, but I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy to do this. After all, why would he make an achievement to play with him, and not respond to anyone who wants to do it?

yes busy running a third party company lol.

People have friends for a good reason, you know.

“Hi Garry, I LOVE your work, want to play GMod with me?”

I see it ALL the time…

Just catch garry on the facepunch fretta server or any other server.

… I thought they gave that achievement to everybody for free…

Garry has now blocked me. I only tried contacting him for getting the achievement, and now he blocks me. What a dick. Who makes an achievement that requires people to play with you, and then block the people that try?

Think about it this way. Garry’s Mod has sold ~750,000 copies. If he was to do this for you it would make it unfair for the other 749,999 players. It’s simply stupid to think he’s going to do it for you.

I bet he joins a server and then minimizes GMod when he’s working, so that people still have a chance of getting the archievement.


If I were you, I would wait until Garry joins a Gmod server, and then join that one!

This guy seriously made an account to post this…

You know , theres more than one way to get this achevement , just look on any server lua-files , and check :stuck_out_tongue:

No response, Garry? Maybe it’s a sensitive subject for you. Well, apparently you’re not going help us on it, but I still want an answer to my question. Why would you make an achievement that requires people to play with you, but then ignore the people that try to get the achievement?

why not just change the steam id required to get the achevement to your freind and play with him.

Or if you don’t find that fair. join garry in a game when he’s inside gmod. you can see through the garrysmod steam group wether he’s on or offline

anyone want to say where the lua files for that achievement are?

Or how about a moderator locks the thread and bans Mr. Achievment for calling Garry a dick.