I leave my neighbor to gmod for five minutes and this happens


(also showing off my shitty personal map)

I guess he had the balls to do that. :cool:

Oh Hakita you pun machine.

I don’t see anything wrong.

whenever i let my friend on gmod, he jsut creates NPC’s and runs them over or shoots them

When i let my gmod over to a friend, he said he was gonna make a creepy zombie house.

When i came back after 20 minutes, he had placed a 8x8 phx plate ontop of the spawning area in flatgrass, and down to the grass. With a zombie clipping through it. I laughed my ass off, was hilarious :smiley:

Can you upload that to Gmod.org? I’d DL it.

My friend is pretty competent with Garry’s Mod, he’s barely been playing and we already have Harmless Companion Cube Death Courses, in which we try and make the most scary Death Course ever :ohdear:


Link when you’re done.
And maybe in addon format if you can.

Not too good at making addons, however I can pack it in such a way that you only have to move 2 folders into garrysmod/garrysmod.

Also, it includes a custom water texture and custom concrete texture.

Edit: Gah, uploading to gmod.org is taking forever, can I just upload it to filesmelt for you? It’d be much faster.

Ok, cool.

Dat map.

My GF does this. And blows shit up.

You “show” your girlfriend Garry’s Mod?

I like the map. And the “problem” is not really that bad. Just a few balls, and maybe a few props. Like I said, nifty map. I think it would be great with smaller wire robots, chasebots, hoverbots, etc. I also like the size and borders. Imagine a spacebuild map where all the planets consist of basically your map. That would be cool.

I don’t know what happened, looks like a typical minge to me.


well I’ve seen worse…although I’d have to say that’s odd for just five minutes

my other friend did sumthing similar minus the NPC’s… i had the atmoic bomb pack installed, u know, the can, big missile etc. and he welded about 5 cans together, and on the 6th it spazzed, i had to wait 10 mins for my computer to recover, i had like 1 frame per 10 seconds…bad times