I like the current bow implementation

The current implementation is pretty great once you get used to it. It’s a lot like legacy and it’s a powerful weapon that allows a newman to defend oneself with practice. Because it’s hard, you can keep it powerful and I have been able to defend myself from gun owners with just the bow. In fact I have gotten a few guns in the process because I was able to prevail. Looks like they are going to change it :frowning:


If it’s easy then it probably can’t be that powerful which means it might just turn into a gun race. Current the bow is a decent primary weapon if you practice enough. I was surprised how balance things felt over this weekend.

The current issue for me is the bow, while extremely rewarding to use, falls victim to cheap assholes who use screen overlays or put dots on their monitors. Way to often have I been killed in a full stride by someone with a bow, and when I ask how they did it, they reply with either “Overlay” or “Dry Erase Dot”…it’s just like gamma IMO. Sure nights that are slightly bright look amazing but I think they need to be pitch black so no gamma adjustment in the world will let people see. Bows can’t be super OP because people will just work around them with some sort of gimmick

I couldn’t stand the bow viewmodel in it’s current form, and am very happy to see it changed. Nobody does or could hold a bow that far away from their body and use it properly. I’m really in favor of more low tech combat like spears, bows, and hopefully other ideas that haven’t been implemented yet. Yes it should be more difficult to use than a gun and reward players that are good with it, but it shouldn’t be THAT hard or awkward from a viewmodel perspective.

Out of curiosity, and a little bit of frustration since I couldn’t get any other ranged weapons, I tried the dot thing this weekend, and it really does make a huge difference. The only way to combat this would be to do just what the updated bow view does now, and that’s to give everybody the chance to shoot straight!

I noticed with the Eoka and Thompson (which I finally found one of in a radtown crate) that the dot was right where it should be. So with those an overlay wouldn’t make a difference since the sights are already centered when you aim.