I like to think I'm good with photoshop

Some edits of some screens I took of a tank I built.

Would like feedback on the editing (the blur under the barrel of the second image is from gmod’s dof, i couldn’t fix that)


i like to think you’re not

but you are ok at least

I know I’m not

“I like to think I’m good with Photoshop”?

i like to think that this does not belong in this subforum, moreover the contraption subforum :o

hahahahaha no

Worlds blockiest tank.

contraption =/= screenshot subforum which should belong in contraptions and not here

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you make a tank then, because that is not the blockiest tank.

For some reason, I think you are wrong, jon.

well i can be wrong, but you dont see gmod contraptions in this subforum, and if you do its very rare. im just saying, this would be better off in the contraption subforum

But he appears to be looking for the artistic help of editing, not the contraption help of constructing. So I would say it is best off here.

Coming from GGG, this is far from blockiest I’ve seen, it very nice

I like the editing