I loaded up steam and was informed of an in game ban?

I loaded up rust earlier this morning, and I played in the NA Builders sanctuary medium, played around for a bit, got stuck in the geometry and vibrated around a lot when I reloaded the map a couple times. Logged out, took a nap, and when I get back up, I have an In game ban associated with my steam account now. I dont cheat in any game I have, and never have. So im wondering, was i banned for ““speed hacking”” from the vibration in the geometry? or what? I had just spent a bunch of money on skiins, and added money to my steam account to buy more, why would I start cheating? Or do it on the same account for that matter if i were so inclined? Im thinking maybe it was because of the BTC mining software I had on my pc, that was running, im going to uninstall that and see what happens.

Why would I risk the integrity of an steam account like this anyway?

still banned, even after uninstalling nice hash…

Why would you be mining bitcoin with your own computer, you know that you’re spending much more money in electricity than you’re making back mining bitcoins, right?

ah for the ban idk uh, is that only on that server or a EAC ban?

Because im not spending any money on my electric bill. but thats another topic.

I cant join any server.

What? Are you stealing someone else’s electricity, have your own solar panels, or is someone else paying it for you?

If it’s the latter, that’s kind of a dick move, might as well start asking them directly for money instead.

Oh and the rust thing yeah uh, not even community servers? usually you’re only banned from the official ones.

You were EAC banned for cheating.

But i do not cheat and can prove it,

no matter the answer, its my business and not your sir, gladly take your accusatory tone somewhere else.

If i were EAC banned, ij wouldnt be able to play apex, i got an in game ban according to steam

Let’s not change the argument, we were talking about bitcoin mining

go somewhere child

Hey, I’m the only one trying to help you here.