I log on and i see this

So i log on and i see this on my base i havent been able to play since the grass update, i can only play 10 - 50 secs at a time with the lowest possible settings so i havent been able to defend my base, i know this game is still in Alpha but this bug has been here since i started like 2 - 3 weeks ago and still not resolved, its the same with AMD/Grass update so many players are having this issue ive been looking everywhere for answers and nothing we dont even know if you Devs are even aware of this issue. Please dont say this is and alpha game im not blind my point is that these issue’s need to be addressed quicker if not we need to be informed that the issued is being addressed. :confused:


I agree it is an issue that has to be fixed, but I bet that it’s not that high up on the devs priority list. My best guess is that the servers are #1 priority, then the grass bug comes second. These exploits and small bugs are annoying, yes. But the game-breaking bugs that causes crashes etc. will probably be attended to first.