I Lol'd. Post your Clothing

So call me slow, but i just discovered the “Clothing” Addon for Garry’s Mod. If your not familiar, find it here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=89017

I came across a couple hilarious combos, this one being my fav, i just had to share it! I wanna see what other people have come up with =D So post your Clothings!

Inter-galactic diplomat. Nice.

I might actually try out this addon. I first thought it was useless.

I dunno, only thing left would be hats =D

Cause I am bored, I added the Russian Riot player I made to the clothing menu. I now made PredAlien Riot soldier

Well that just looks weeeeird o.o

Uh, how the fuck do a remove clothing now? I removed the addon and nothing

O.o I never bothered removing, i wouldn’t know.

I know who made it, His name is Andrew Mcwatters, A.K.A Flaming Gummy Bear, Hes on my friends list

Oh? You should ask him if theres a way to make it client side. Nobody on a server could see it, and where i could understand why, it’d be cool if anybody who had the models of both ragdolls could see it, addon or not… o.O

Alright, you can join his server and ask him

Its not up now just wait about 14 hours

Or just add his steam ID, I guess



He said no

hmmm… gman doesn’t look right??

100% unnecessary bump.

half of your posts are unnecessary bumps.

… no shit, really?