I lost my account due to inactivity - will I have to buy the game now?

I’ve been actively playing Rust as I got an alpha key then stopped playing it due to hardware problems and lost my account due to inactivity.
Will I have to buy the game now? I only know that a lot of inactive accounts were deleted, but I haven’t seen anything mentioned about regaining such accounts.



Umm send him a email?

jesus. you were handed a free alpha, and you didn’t do crap with it. i’d say, um, YEAH, you have to buy it. did you ever even submit a bug report, even once? It kinda irks me when those who stay gone for so long think they are entitled to something when so many of us without keys who would be willing to work hard for them… i swear… if i had been you i’d have never left. i’m sure you’re gonna say that you were on vacation, blah blah… no telling; but i know if i had that key you so carelessly lost, i would have done my best to be exactly what we’re supposed to be doing… TESTING… gah.

Are you literally blind? He explains why he was gone in the OP of this thread

and you believe him? wow, aren’t you a sucker.

I agree, i would have gone on a friends computer to play Rust. Or emailed garry about it.

You one to say anything, saying that you’ve only just joined the forums so I have no idea who shit in your cornflakes this morning.


I guarantee you would have been bored if you played for a month straight and would be playing something else now.

The feels bro…

Because you totally have more credibility and relevance than a long time respected Facepuncher.

i think you need to buy a new key :confused: feel bad for you bro.

Okay Mr. September 2013, I’m going to believe you instead of that August 2008 guy I’ve actually seen around here being a really chilll guy.