"I love horses"


I don’t get it…
good edit thou

ellis is not on HOERS.

why is there no HOERS.

Maybe the horse is invisible.

Maybe the horse, maybe’s it’s made of chocolate. :smug:

On the topic of the picture though, I love the editing on it and Ellis’ expression.

wat bad spelling

What makes you think that Ellis is supposed to ride a horse?

well i prefer turtlz

When I see that face, I smell a new emote.

Hey Ellis, you might want to look here.


png + imageshack = not worth my time. Seriously, save it as a jpeg at quality 100 and upload it somewhere good.

I saw the top of it before I decided to not wait for a pic that will never load.
I think there’s a blue sky, so I can comment on that. The blue sky is nice.

seriously? for me it loaded like instantly.